330hp @3000rpm

Fuel Injected 5.4 Liter

Developed by Kiss-Engineering Inc. this high output, compact, lightweight Internal combustion engine was specifically engineered for low cost manufacturing, high reliability and ease of maintenance. Our patented technology increases performance and dramatically reduces the size and weight of a conventional four-stroke engine.

This technology will support the use of alternate fuels such as propane, natural gas and diesel and is compatible with all types of performance components such as turbo charging, super charging, fuel injection and carburetion.



• Automotive Hybrid

• Experimental Aircraft

• Ultra lite Aircraft

• Military

• Marine

• Generator



• Aluminum Heads and Crankcase

• Fuel Injected - Gas

• Steel Crank

• Low Profile

• High Power to Weight Ratio

• Air/Water Cooled

• Pressurized Lubrication

• Electric Start

• Electric Power System




Opposed 8 Cylinder

Bore, 3.5in  Stroke 4in.

5.4 LITER - 331 C.I.D

Compression Ratio – 11:1

Weight - 215lbs


W 26 in., L18 in., H22 in.


Performance:  (calculated)

Up to 1 hp per cubic inch 330hp @3000rpm

Torque – 450ft lb @ 2000rpm



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Kiss-Engineering Inc.     Phone: 818.998.5473    Fax: 818.882.7859 Email:  Kiss@Kiss-Engineering.com