Kiss-Engineering Inc. , a Research and Development company that is dedicated to innovations that contribute to the enhancement of our daily life. Anchored in the tradition of excellence using the latest technology Kiss-Engineering generates a wide array of research to create innovation products.


Kiss-Engineering develop its product utilizing 21st century industrial engineering simulation modeling techniques and 3D CAD/CAM technology.


The latest product is the KV-331 Opposed 8 Cylinder engine that is a must see.

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Amongst it products:

• Soft Stop

• Glow Darts

• Plant Display Hook

• Latch Key

• Oil Mitt

• Liquid Lightning Golf Club

• Harley Flywheel

• Drip Master

• Predator Piston


Kiss-Engineering Inc.     Phone: 818.998.5473    Fax: 818.882.7859 Email: